Hometown Hearts cover flat for paperback!

Hi gang!

Here’s the full cover wrap for Hometown Hearts. Isn’t it pretty?! I’m quite pleased with it! And, yes, this mean Hometown Hearts will soon be available in paperback at Amazon! I’ve dragged my feet for months because whenever I looked at the cover art specs (so much math!! LOL!) my brain would fog over. But this week I dug in and, as I suspected, once I looked at it more closely, it wasn’t that daunting at all.

Hometown Hearts paperback cover flat

Next week I’ll work on the full wrap cover for Familiar so I can get it out in paperback soon as well!

But now…I’ve gotta get back to writing!! Soooo close to the end of Dark Magick Rising. Which reminds me, though… Yes! All of the Draegan Lords books will be out in paperback as well. If not by the end of 2019, then early in the new year.

ML 🙂

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