True of Heart

Draegan Lords Book 1

-A Kindle Fantasy and Gay Fiction Bestseller!

A hundred years ago, the high sorcerer of Velensperia launched a swift and deadly attack against the draegans—a race of dragon shapeshifters who’d always lived in harmony with the humans.  The draegans were all but destroyed, with the few who remained, scattered and in hiding.  Now, a group of them have united and begun to fight back.  Their leader, Keiran Hareldson, seeks to free his people from the cruel repression the high sorcerer’s reign has imposed on them.

Gaige Rizik is captain of the sorcerer’s High Guard, and known for his lethal ability to hunt down his prey with no remorse. His orders are to infiltrate the draegan rebels’ camp, learn their plans, and identify their leader so he can be destroyed.  But when Gaige joins the rebels, posing as a human sympathizer to the draegans’ cause, he discovers the shapeshifters aren’t the bloodthirsty beasts he’s been led to believe, and their leader is a passionately captivating man who only wants what’s best for his people.  Keiran sparks powerful emotions in Gaige, tearing down his walls of steely control, and stirring a longing in him he can’t deny.

Torn between his duty to the high sorcerer and his growing feelings not only for Keiran, but for the draegan way of life, Gaige knows he’s damned no matter which he chooses. In a world of lies, deception, and dark secrets, one false move will bring destruction to all he’s begun to hold dear.  With the fate of so many lives on his shoulders, Gaige’s only hope is to follow his heart…and pray it’s true enough to save them all.

Genre:  (M/M) Fantasy/Shapeshifter romance
2nd Edition release Date: March 6, 2017
Length:  Novel (50K words)
The second edition has been updated, revised with several thousand new words, had some content tweaks, and re-edited. The original edition was published in March 2007.


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Reviews for original edition

“True of Heart is a wonderful fantasy story that involves all the great elements that I look for: magic, intrigue, romance, faith and redemption.  Throughout the story we can see Gaige growing into the man he might have been if he hadn’t lived under the Sorcerer’s command.  And Keiran is wonderful in his strength of character and in his faith of Gaige’s good heart.  Yet, the eroticism of the encounters between Gaige and Keiran will scorch you every time.”

—Sabella, Joyfully Reviewed

4 1/2 Kisses!  “True of Heart is the first novel in The Draegan Lords series, and what a terrific opening it is. This is a well written and captivating story about love and betrayal between two strong men…  All in all, if True of Heart is any indication of the quality of The Draegan Lordsseries, the entire series promises to be one immensely enjoyable read after another.”

—Samantha, TwoLips Reviews

“The first in The Draegan Lords series, True Of Heart introduces us to a fantastical realm populated by shapeshifting dragons, evil sorcerers and gorgeous noble warriors. Each of the major characters is fascinating and clearly drawn–from the conflicted but duty-bound Gaige and the quietly confident Kieran to the malevolent high sorcerer Byram…Looking for a great fantasy romance with a different twist? Look no further than True Of Heart!”

—Isabelle Spencer, Romance Reviews Today

4 1/2 Hearts!  “…the personal battle that Gaige had to fight against how he was raised made it very believable and fascinating…an exciting read that captured my attention from the start.  True of Heart was a fantastic story that shouldn’t be missed. I’ll be on the lookout for more!”

— Julia, The Romance Studio

“A very enjoyable read, with the right dose of love and adventure!”

—Elisa, Elisa Rolle Live Journal