I’m M.L. Rhodes and I write romance and fantasy novels. At this time my books are predominantly m/m, which means if you enjoy reading stories where two men fall in love, then you’ve come to the right place! I also have some back list m/f romances that I will eventually re-release, and I’ve got a couple of f/f stories in the planning stages. Most of my titles have been Amazon bestsellers over the years on their gay romance, gay fiction, fantasy, and dark fantasy lists. I write everything from contemporaries to shapeshifters (including dragons and mermen) to high fantasy. Regardless of the setting or subgenre, my promise to readers is that I always serve up happy endings! I’m a firm believer we need more happy endings in the world.

For my complete book list, including current titles, those in progress, and my backlist that’s slowly being re-released through my own indie publishing company, Kellesborne Press, please visit my Books page. You’re also welcome to follow me on social media. I’m usually most active on Twitter. Barring Twitter’s demise, you can find a list of all my social media hideouts here.

Happy reading!

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