About M.L.

For those who want to know more about M.L. Rhodes…

Whether you’re already one of my regular readers or you’re just now discovering my stories, I’m glad you found my website! I’m author M.L. Rhodes, and if you haven’t figured it out already, I write M/M romance and fantasy. This means my books are about gay or bisexual men meeting, falling in love, and finding happily-ever-afters with other men. Sometimes the settings are contemporary, sometimes the stories take place in worlds filled with dragons, witches, or other fantasy and paranormal creatures. But there’s one thing of which you can be certain…in my books, love always wins!

I live in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains with my physicist husband, two college-aged sons, four dogs (rescues), two cats (also rescues), and numerous fish. I post a fair amount of pictures of my fur babies (and occasionally some of my dudes as well) on my Instagram page if you’re interested in seeing them. 🙂

M.L. Rhodes' favorite place to write - on her deckI’m a Mac girl, so I do all my writing on either a 12″ MacBook or a 13″ Macbook Pro. Whichever I’m using at the time travels around the house and, in warm weather, outside with me. In the summer, my favorite place to write is on my deck surrounded by ponderosa pines and aspen trees. In the winter, and often well into the spring, the outside writing forays aren’t usually an option, since the deck is often buried under a foot or two of snow. It’s not unusual for us to have snow well into April and sometimes even May. Which means from October through May I mostly work in my office (or occasionally my local Panera or fave coffee shop).

I’ve been writing professionally for 25+ years. I started off writing non-fiction articles, and then progressed to fiction. The first story I ever wrote and had published was a young adult novel. Actually, I wrote two and they were both published. Then I moved to romantic suspense, then to erotic romance, and then to gay romantic fiction where I’ve been very happily making a living since 2006. My m/m romances have been regular ebook bestsellers at the Amazon Kindle Store, B&N, and other venues, and several of my paperback titles have spent extended time (months in many cases) on the Amazon.com gay, fantasy, and dark fantasy bestseller lists.

Since that first YA novel I’ve had over three dozen novellas and novels published (and a handful of short stories), with a half-dozen more in the works. I never run out of story ideas, only out of time to write them all!

Feel free to follow me on social media if that’s your cup of tea (follow links at the top and bottom of each page on this site). I no longer have a Facebook page because I’ve never been a fan of FB for too many reasons to count, and I had reached the point where I was only logging into it once every few months. Which means it wasn’t doing me or anyone else any good. There are much better ways to get in touch with me. 🙂 I’m most active on Twitter, pretty much every day, so that’s usually the best way to interact with me. As I said above, I post to Instagram occasionally. I also have some cool boards on Pinterest  if you like to looky-loo. Or if you’re not into social media and you just want to say hi or touch base with me, you can contact me here.