Complete List of Books

(All M.L. Rhodes’ titles available now and coming in the future)

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All my books were originally published with Amber Quill Press, which closed the end of March 2016, leaving my body of work homeless. Slowly but surely I am re-releasing my backlist under my own publishing company’s label, Kellesborne Press. This means that not all of my titles are available right now, but bear with me and I’ll get my backlist out again as quickly as I can. I will also be releasing some NEW titles in 2018 and 2019, so check back here periodically, as I will be adding buy links as books are available for purchase, and release dates for upcoming ones as I get them set.

My books are available for purchase at Amazon (including the various international Kindle stores), and you can also get them free through the Kindle Unlimited program where it’s available. If you’re wondering why I’m only releasing my books via Amazon, you can get more info about that on my FAQ page.

Please check out the list of my current and upcoming titles below. If you don’t see an older book on this list it either means I’m not planning to re-release it at all or I plan to rewrite it/expand it into a longer book and will change the title when I do.

Available now…

The Draegan Lords series

True of Heart Book 1:  (Amazon)
Lords of Kellesborne, Book 2:  (Amazon)
Fires of Ballian, Book 3:  (Amazon)
An Unexpected Magick, Book 4:  (Amazon)

Stand Alone Titles

Hometown Hearts: (currently serialized on my blog)
Familiar:  (Amazon)
Wanting:  (Amazon)

Coming soon…

  • Dark Magick Rising (Draegan Lords, Book 5) NEW
  • Circle of Ariend (Draegan Lords, Book 6) NEW

Coming down the road…

  • The Elf and Shoemaker (contemporary fantasy novel, re-release)
  • Falling (contemporary fantasy novel, re-release)
  • Into the Woods (paranormal/shapeshifter novel, re-release)
  • Music of the Night (contemporary novel, re-release, probably be re-named)
  • Out of My Mind (contemporary novella, re-release)
  • In Too Deep (sequel to Out of My Mind, contemporary, NEW)
  • The Professor’s Secret Passion (contemporary novella, re-release)
  • Souls Deep (vampire/futuristic novella, re-release)
  • Turn Up the Heat (contemporary novel based on the original short novella Bring the Heat, this will have lots of new content and be a full-length novel)
  • Never Let Go (contemporary novella, re-release)
  • Hearts and Bones (contemporary novel, re-release)
  • Passion (contemporary novella, re-release)
  • Satisfaction (contemporary novella, re-release)
  • Under My Skin (contemporary novella, re-release)
  • Under My Skin II (contemporary novella, re-release)
  • Vertigo (futuristic/shapeshifter novella, re-release)
  • Shattered (futuristic/shapeshifter novella, re-release)