Lords of Kellesborne

Draegan Lords Book 2

–A Kindle Fantasy and Gay Fiction Bestseller!

A hundred years ago, the high sorcerer of Velensperia launched a swift and deadly attack against the draegans—a race of dragon shapeshifters who’d always lived in harmony with the humans.  The draegans were all but destroyed, with the few who remained, scattered and in hiding.  But after a century of cruel repression, a group of them have united and begun to fight back.  Their leader, Keiran Hareldson, is determined to free his people from the high sorcerer’s tyranny.

Gaige Rizik used to be the captain of the sorcerer’s High Guard, and known for his lethal ability to hunt down his prey with no remorse.  His last assignment was to infiltrate the draegan rebel’s camp, identify the leader, and eliminate him.  But the more deeply Gaige became entrenched with the draegans and their passionate, compelling leader, the more torn he became over his mission.  Keiran sparked powerful emotions in Gaige and stirred a longing in him he couldn’t deny.  No one, least of all him, expected him to fall in love with the very man he’d sworn to kill.  When he chose to defect to the draegans’ side, his betrayal to the sorcerer came at a high personal cost.  Left for dead in the sorcerer’s dungeon, Keiran barely found him in time.

Now, the hunter has become the hunted.  With the high sorcerer bent on annihilating every last draegan and all those who support them, a secret revealed from Keiran’s past becomes their best hope for survival.  From the deep forests of Velensperia to the ancient draegan stronghold of Kellesborne, only the strength of two determined men and their fierce love for one another stand between the people they protect and an evil conjured from the bowels of hel itself.

Genre:  (M/M) Fantasy/Shapeshifter romance
2nd Edition release Date: April 4, 2017
Length:  Extended Novel (86K words)
The second edition has been updated, revised with a few content tweaks, and re-edited. The original edition was published in March 2008.


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Reviews for original edition…

5 Nymphs!!
“There is a wealth of raw emotion in Lords of Kellesborne from the sex to Keiran’s fears that his people’s expectations will be impossible to meet when they find out that he is a Draegan Lord who has unique abilities, to his own dread that he will be found wanting when tested in the upcoming fray.

The setting for The Draegan Lords series is the wonderful, mystical world of Velensperia and M.L. Rhodes has opened her imagination full throttle to give the reader a veritable feast of all the elements expected in a fantasy including magick, sorcery, love, adventure and amazing secondary characters. When the action in the story shifts from love scenes to battle, the author uses her remarkable visionary skills to create scenes of violence, chaos and destruction.

Once again M.L. Rhodes has given her readers a wonderfully crafted story about characters that are unique and alien yet believable and real at the same time. At the end of the tale the author sets up the scenario for part III in the series, Fires of Ballian, which is eagerly awaited by fans of The Draegan Lords.”

–Reviewed by Ruby Minx, Literary Nymphs

5 Stars!!  I want to begin by saying that, to date, Lords of Kellesborne is my favorite of the Draegan Lords series. First, the series itself is so cleanly written and flows with ease sometimes at a heart pounding pace, other times calm and beautiful. There is so much that happens in this story. So much is revealed. So many new mysteries are brought to light. Lives are changed, both good and bad. Decisions are made that are shocking. New vital characters are introduced. The plot takes a new path one that is unpredictable, yet so captivating. I absolutely love this book.

Kieran and Gaige both grow so much here. For Gaige, this is a journey of finding out who he really is and believing he is actually a good man. He battles with his past, with his heritage, with hatred from others as well as himself. It’s a journey of self-acceptance – who he is, who he was, who he wants to be and who he will become. For Kieran, his journey is one of accepting his role in life, his birthright. He also is a healing presence for Gaige, a support, a reassurance. They are both extremely strong men with vulnerabilities, which is one of my favorite aspects of this author’s characters, and they make mistakes, but they learn from those mistakes. And that only makes them stronger.

The relationship between Kieran and Gaige is solidified in this book. Their true-mating is brought to light and given rules. The bond between them strengthens and makes them stronger together. It not only makes them good for each other, but good for their followers.

There are so many vital secondary characters added to the story, I hesitate to list them all. But the addition of each one adds a new layer to this story. You’ll learn that everything that happens within this series will eventually mean something. It’s one of the reasons I’m so addicted to this series. Everything has a purpose, and it may not be revealed in this book, but trust that it will be revealed. And when it is, it’s that much sweeter…or shocking…or amazing.

The world of Velensperia continues to grow as the series moves on. Not only physically – the landscape, the mountain ranges, the outer realm, Kellesborne – but story-wise as well. Draegans are given life in this story. Yes, we see them in the first book, but here they all have more of a central role in both human and draegan form. The camp is brought to life – humans and draegans, alike. The rules of the world continue to progress. A hierarchy is set in place. Dreagans are given special abilities. The rules of true-matings are detailed. Nothing is left to chance. It’s truly an amazing world

I’m not sure that I can truly explain how much I love this book. The characters, the story, the world, the plot, the intricacies – it’s all so amazing from beginning to end. The more I read this series, the more I fall in love. I highly, highly recommend Lords of Kellesborne. This series is made to be read in order, so read True of Heart first or you’ll be completely lost to what happens in Lords of Kellesborne.

–Reviewed by Crissy, Joyfully Jay M/M Romance Reviews