–Over 18 months on Amazon Kindle’s Gay Fiction top 100 list (original edition)

It started with one kiss.  Which led to another.  And another.  And then to a mind-blowing night of intimacy Jeremy Reynolds can’t forget.  He can’t stop thinking about the gorgeous, smart, compassionate man who tilted his world.  Can’t stop seeing warm, sexy eyes gazing at him with breath-stealing intensity.

Jeremy tries to tell himself to let the incident go, move on, and chalk it up to a life experience.  After all, what transpired between him and his best friend and roommate, Ben Cross, can never happen again.  Ben is gay, and Jeremy…isn’t.  At least he’s never thought he was before.  But now he’s torn and confused and not sure what the night with Ben meant—for either of them. Already stressed about final exams before the holidays and his difficult family situation, Jeremy doesn’t know how to deal with the conflicting feelings he’s having. And the one person he’s always been able to talk to about everything, and who’s always been there for him, is the very person he’s been avoiding for the past week because he doesn’t know how to face him after waking up in his bed.

Afraid he might have already screwed up his and Ben’s friendship beyond repair, what haunts Jeremy even more is the backlash he could face if he admits to Ben, or even to himself, how much the night they spent together really meant to him. And how much he still wants Ben even now…

Genre:  Contemporary gay (M/M) romance
2nd Edition Release date: June 30, 2016
Length: Novella (26K words)
The second edition has been updated, revised with a few thousand new words and some content tweaks, and re-edited. The original edition was published in December 2009.


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