Hometown Hearts Release Date!

Howdy readers!

Some of you may have noticed that all the Hometown Hearts chapters are now gone from my blog. This means… I have set an official release date for the book! March 22nd is the magic day! That happens to be my birthday and I decided it would be fun to release my first book in a verrrrry long time on that day to celebrate. It will be available in wide release (prob Amazon, BN, iBookstore, Kobo at the minimum, and possibly elsewhere) for at least a month or two. Eventually, though, I’ll put it in Kindle Unlimited, which will require me to only have it available through Amazon. But initially, I’ll make it available in several places. Also…I haven’t forgotten my promise to those who read Hometown on my blog! When it comes out, I will make sure those of you who read about Hunter and Jay here first get a free copy! I’m not sure yet if I’ll put the book up at some place like Payhip and give you a code to get the freebie or if I’ll have you drop me a note and I’ll email you the book in your chosen format. But one way or another, I’ll honor my promise, so stay tuned here on my blog on or right before release day for details!

In the meantime….I will leave you with the final, polished, and (I think!!) oh-so pretty cover for Hometown Hearts! The one I had up when I was posting chapters on my blog was one that I threw together quickly so I’d have it for the serialized posts. But this is the final version that will be on the actual ebook and paperback when it comes out! 🙂

BTW, March 22nd will be the ebook release day. Print will come out at a later date, but it should be sometime this spring. 🙂

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  1. Awesome – congratulations ML! In spite of the long “drought” you’re in the groove now…after this it’s DM then COA (I hope)!

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