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DarkMagickRising_NEW_largeDark Magick Rising
*Book 5 in the Draegan Lords series

Most recent update: April 20, 2018

This book is the direct sequel to An Unexpected Magick, and the lead-in to Circle of Ariend. I’ve said this before, but I’m going to say it again…in order to keep up with the story in Circle of Ariend, you really, really, REALLY will need to read An Unexpected Magick and Dark Magick Rising first. There’s a lot of content in Unexpected and Dark Magick that will be important in Circle of Ariend. If you do not read these two Wen and Wesley books, you may end up wondering WTH is going on in Circle. Just sayin’… 🙂 That’s why I re-labeled and re-numbered the books before I began re-releasing them, and now Unexpected is book 4, Dark Magick is book 5, and Circle is 6. It means they should be read in that order.

(High Fantasy/Shapeshifter)
Projected length:  Extended Novel
Main protagonists:  Wen Daneson and Wesley Brannock
Setting:  The fantasy world of Velensperia
Progress:  In January I said I was at 125K words, but I also indicated those were seriously rough draft words with all lot of crap mixed in that would be deleted. Since then, I have, indeed, deleted about 17K worth of words that were mostly notes to myself and “extra” bits and bobs (parts of conversations or bits of scenes that I wrote but that ended up not being part of the story) which brought my overall word count down to 108K.  But…I’ve been kicking some serious word count ass in April during Camp NaNoWriMo, with the help of my fellow writing pals Andi Van and K-lee Klein. We’ve been doing writing sprints/challenges several nights a week on Twitter to keep each other working, and without these two I wouldn’t be making nearly the headway I am. 🙂

As of April 20th, I’m now at 135,000 words! (you can see my little Scrivener word count tracker to the left, here. I screen capped it this morning, 4-20-18). I believe now the final word count on this will be 150K or perhaps even a bit longer. Doesn’t mean the final, published book will be that long since I’ll have a lot of clean-up to do before that happens. So I’m talking rough draft word count of 150K+

I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel… I’m guessing I have *maybe* 4-5 chapters left to write as of this morning.

My goal is to type THE END on this book by April 30th. I know, shocker, right?! 🙂

Release date:  TBD in 2018–probably July-ish I’m thinking, but stay tuned. Once it’s written, it will still have a lot of work (I’ll make several more passes through it to clean it up, then it’ll go to my beta readers, then my editor, then proofreader, etc.) before it’s ready for public consumption. Still…the end is in sight, guys!

Circle of Ariend
*Book 6 in the Draegan Lords series

(High fantasy/shapeshifter)
Projected length:  Extended Novel (100,000+ words)
Main protagonists:  Gaige Rizik and Keiran Hareldson
Setting:  The fantasy world of Velensperia
Progress:  This one has been partially written and rewritten many times, but eventually I realized the scope was just too big to get everything into it that I needed.  Which is why An Unexpected Magick and Dark Magick Rising came into existence. Those have allowed me to cover ground and important information that was necessary to the plot of Circle of Ariend, and the Draegan Lords series overall, but that didn’t easily work into Circle of Ariend without making that book too unwieldy. Once Dark Magick Rising is finished, I’ll be diving back into Circle of Ariend again. My plan is to keep the first couple of chapters of Circle that I had originally written, and pick up from there writing fresh.
Tentative release:  TBD

Hometown Hearts

Projected length: Novel (50-60K words)
Main protagonists: Hunter Breckman and Jay Marshall
Setting: Colorado
Progress: About 15K words (out of 50-60K)
Tentative release: TBD in 2018

Also in progress or planned for down the road…

(In no particular order… I pretty much work on whatever project strikes my fancy at any given time. Also, don’t be surprised if you see some of the titles below move up to the “currently working on” list, or vice versa, or if you see totally new titles added to either list.  These lists aren’t set in stone and are meant to be used only as general guidelines.  Creativity…she be a fickle goddess!  LOL!)

(Contemporary fantasy)
Main protagonists:  Logan Collins and Kelric MacGregor
Setting:  Colorado
Progress: About four chapters into it (15,000-ish words)

COME PLAY WITH ME (working title…probably will change)
(Contemporary fantasy)
Main protagonists: Elijah Graves and Christopher “Kit” Redman
Setting: Colorado
Progress: first chapter

*Sequel to Out of My Mind
Progress: a couple of chapters into it

(Contemporary Fantasy)
*Sequel to Falling
Progress: planned out/copious notes made

*Sequel to Vertigo & Shattered

*Set in the same universe as the Draegan Lords series…this one’s about the elves. Also directly related to The Elf And Shoemaker