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DarkMagickRising_NEW_largeDark Magick Rising
*Book 5 in the Draegan Lords series

See below for most recent progress updates…

This book is the direct sequel to An Unexpected Magick, and the lead-in to Circle of Ariend. I’ve said this before, but I’m going to say it again…in order to keep up with the story in Circle of Ariend, you really, really, REALLY will need to read An Unexpected Magick and Dark Magick Rising first. There’s a lot of content in Unexpected and Dark Magick that will be important in Circle of Ariend. If you do not read these two Wen and Wesley books, you may end up wondering WTH is going on in Circle. Just sayin’… 🙂 That’s why I re-labeled and re-numbered the books before I began re-releasing them, and now Unexpected is book 4, Dark Magick is book 5, and Circle is 6. It means they should be read in that order.

(High Fantasy/Shapeshifter)
Projected length:  Extended Novel
Main protagonists:  Wen Daneson and Wesley Brannock
Setting:  The fantasy world of Velensperia

Update October 21, 2018: WTH?! Now my tracker bar thingie is back!!! Last time I updated my site, the server it’s on must have just been down and that’s why it didn’t show up. That’s annoying. But…okay. I’ve updated it to reflect new totals and a new final goal (I warned you, this book just keeps growing and growing). I ended up deleting almost two chapters I’d written in September because I wasn’t happy with the way they were flowing. So that brought my word count down again. The good news is that the new chapters I’m working on are much better and I’m way happier. Trust me when I tell you that POV (character point of view, that is) matters. Writing a scene or a chapter from a different character’s point of view can make all the difference in the world. I’m really, Really, REALLY trying hard to get this book done in the next two or three weeks. Cross your fingers and send me good writing vibes, guys!

Update September 29th: Weird. My little bar graphic word-tracker thing I’d been using here has disappeared. It was definitely still here when I did my last update in August. All I can figure is that the host of the tracker deleted it from their site. Because it’s just gone-gone. Like, not even in my code anymore. WTH?? ANYWAY…. I’m at around 175K words now. Still plugging away but, I confess, it’s slow going. Feels like things are creeping along, but there’re just So. Many. Threads. Coming. Together. Sometimes I feel like I’m braiding 50 strands together at once at the end of this story, and if I accidentally drop one or miss one, everything goes all all cattywampus. And then I have to track back to tidy things up. LOL! But…I’m hanging in there, and progress is still being made.    

Update August 24th: See my blog for a detailed update.

Update July 12th: Sorry I haven’t updated this in a bit. My late June/early July kind of ran off the rails on me, not by my choice. We had out-of-town company, as well as several unexpected commitments come up, among other craziness, all of which kept me on the go and pretty much decimated my writing time. But I’ve been back on task for several days now. Yay! At my last update on June 18th I was at around 149K words. It doesn’t look like I’ve made much progress since I’m only at 155K now, but I did another round of deleting and editing since then, so I’ve actually written more words than it seems, it’s just that some older, superfluous stuff was cut (remember, I’m an edit-as-I-go pantser, so my word count’s always in flux :))  This past week, when I was able to get back to writing, I realized (well, actually, I had been realizing it for a while, just hadn’t done anything about it yet) that I had some continuity issues that I really, really had to resolve before I moved forward. I decided the best way to do it was to look back through all four previous books and find specific passages that related to the issue I needed to tweak. Hahaha. Easier said than done. I ended up going all the way back to True of Heart and reading through THE ENTIRE SERIES. That’s taken up most of my week, but, man, has it been fruitful. Because not only did it allow me to find a solution to my continuity issue, I also discovered a few other minor continuity things that I needed to tweak as well. So even though it meant no new words on the page, it was extremely valuable. And before anyone asks…yes, I do have a series bible. An entire journal filled with information about all kinds of things in the Draegan Lords series, as well as a “notes” file on my computer that’s about 30,000 words long with info and ideas specific to Dark Magick Rising and Circle of Ariend. But neither of those sources have everything. So sometimes I still have to read back through the books themselves to confirm certain things.

Anyway, I know I keep saying it, but it’s true…I’m creeping ever closer to the end!

Update June 1st: Okay, I changed my mind. It gets too complicated and messy to post my daily word totals like I did below, and it also doesn’t let you guys know how close I am to being done. So, instead, I’ve created a handy-dandy meter, as you can see above, and I will go back to updating my total word count on it. I’ve set a projected total word count of 160,000. If that turns out to not be enough, I’ll tweak it, but for the moment I’m going to use that. I wrote 3100 words during the last three days of May, and 1100 on June 1, which, obviously, has brought me back up over 140K.

Update Thursday, May 31st
: I’m back from a week’s vacation in Florida, and the time away from writing was actually good for me. It gave me a chance to clear my head and think through a few plot points, and by the time I returned home, I was hungry to get back to writing. That’s always a good thing. 🙂 I dove back into writing on Tuesday and have been making steady progress since then. I had mentioned in my late April update that I needed to do a read-through of the entire book before I continued, which I did the first couple of weeks in May. During that time, I did another round of deleting some extra crap that didn’t need to be there, including some more of my in-progress notes to myself, which brought my word count back below 140,000. But it’s all good because it’s stuff that would have been cut eventually anyway. Since I have been doing a lot of tweaking and cutting, even as I add new words, I think from here on out, instead of updating you guys with my total word count, which can really fluctuate, I’m simply going to post my daily progress for you, and as I finish chapters, I’ll let you know that, too.  I’m a TERRIBLE judge of how much I have left to write. I had said a month ago that I thought I probably only had about three chapters left, but anytime I say specifics like that, please take them with a grain of salt because, let me repeat this, I’m a terrible judge of how much I have left. LOL! So it may be three chapters, or it might be five or six. I don’t know until I do it because I’m a pantser and things just happen as they happen.

That said, I did 500 new words on May 29th. 1700 new words on May 30th and I finished chapter 31. Woo hoo! Another chapter down! And I finished off the month, May 31st, with 900 new words.

Update April 30th: I’m over 140K words now, but I’m at one of those points where I really need to take a brief time-out from writing new words and go back through this book, as well as possibly read back through a couple of the previous books, in order to be sure everything is on track. Dark Magick, as those of you who have read the series up to this point already know, is the fifth book in an ongoing story. There’s a LOT of stuff happening. A lot of characters. A lot of plot threads begun in earlier books that are beginning to weave together near the end of this book. Which means it’s mega-important to me to be sure those threads are coming together as cohesively as possible. And the only way to be sure of that before I move forward onto the last three chapters or so, is to go back to Fires of Ballian and read through some pertinent parts of it, then An Unexpected Magick, then read Dark Magick from the start to be sure it all flows and I’m not missing anything. I’d love to say I remember every word, every scene, every everything I’ve ever written, in great detail, but…hahaha. No. Just no. 🙂

Is this going to affect my timeline on finishing the book? A little bit, but hopefully not too much. The book, at least the “draft” version of it, is longer than I’d expected. I just reset my counter on Scrivener, upping the total word count again, so I’m giving myself a bit of extra time to finish. Please bear with me. This is a big book with an enormous amount of story going on, and I just want to be sure I have it right before I dive into the final chapters.

But the cool thing is…THE FINAL CHAPTERS!!! I’m getting so close!!

I will continue to post update here on my Works in Progress page to let you know how it’s going.

Release date:  TBD in 2018–stay tuned. Once it’s written, it will still have a lot of work (I’ll make several more passes through it to clean it up, then it’ll go to my beta readers, then my editor, then proofreader, etc.) before it’s ready for public consumption. Still…the end is in sight, guys!

Circle of Ariend
*Book 6 in the Draegan Lords series

(High fantasy/shapeshifter)
Projected length:  Extended Novel (100,000+ words)
Main protagonists:  Gaige Rizik and Keiran Hareldson
Setting:  The fantasy world of Velensperia
Progress:  This one has been partially written and rewritten many times, but eventually I realized the scope was just too big to get everything into it that I needed.  Which is why An Unexpected Magick and Dark Magick Rising came into existence. Those have allowed me to cover ground and important information that was necessary to the plot of Circle of Ariend, and the Draegan Lords series overall, but that didn’t easily work into Circle of Ariend without making that book too unwieldy. Once Dark Magick Rising is finished, I’ll be diving back into Circle of Ariend again. My plan is to keep the first couple of chapters of Circle that I had originally written, and pick up from there writing fresh.
Tentative release:  TBD

Hometown Hearts

Projected length: Novel (80K words)
Main protagonists: Hunter Breckman and Jay Marshall
Setting: Colorado
Progress: About 45K words (out of 80K)
Tentative release: TBD in 2018

Also in progress or planned for down the road…

(In no particular order… I pretty much work on whatever project strikes my fancy at any given time. Also, don’t be surprised if you see some of the titles below move up to the “currently working on” list, or vice versa, or if you see totally new titles added to either list.  These lists aren’t set in stone and are meant to be used only as general guidelines.  Creativity…she be a fickle goddess!  LOL!)

(Contemporary fantasy)
Main protagonists:  Logan Collins and Kelric MacGregor
Setting:  Colorado
Progress: About four chapters into it (15,000-ish words)

COME PLAY WITH ME (working title…probably will change)
(Contemporary fantasy)
Main protagonists: Elijah Graves and Christopher “Kit” Redman
Setting: Colorado
Progress: first chapter

*Sequel to Out of My Mind
Progress: a couple of chapters into it

(Contemporary Fantasy)
*Sequel to Falling
Progress: planned out/copious notes made

*Sequel to Vertigo & Shattered

*Set in the same universe as the Draegan Lords series…this one’s about the elves. Also directly related to The Elf And Shoemaker