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Last updated November 2022

Q: Where can I buy your books?

A: You can find my ebooks at Amazon (U.S. and international Kindle stores). My books can also be read for free via the Kindle Unlimited program at Amazon. My paperbacks are available only at Amazon.

Q: Why are your ebooks in the Kindle store and not everywhere else all the time?

A: To have a book in the Kindle Unlimited program (readers pay a low monthly subscription fee to Amazon that allows them to download books for free), the book has to be exclusive at Amazon for a minimum of 90 days and not available on any other digital platform during that time. If you’re unfamiliar with Kindle Unlimited, you can learn more about it here. I know the exclusivity at Amazon isn’t great for readers who either don’t like shopping at Amazon and/or who need epub or other formats. Believe me, most authors aren’t jumping for joy about it either. Some authors choose to put their books in wide release, across all formats, and forgo Kindle Unlimited completely. But many authors reach a pretty big audience through KU. I am one of those authors. I have gained a whole lot of new readers who have found my books via KU.

For those of us who do have a big KU readership, we have to make the tough choice about being exclusive at Amazon in order to reach that KU audience, or do wide release and miss out on the KU readership altogether. The sad reality is that I don’t earn enough from sales at Kobo, B&N, iBookstore, and other smaller vendors to even come close to the size of the audience I typically reach in the KU program. So that’s why my books tend to stay exclusive at Amazon much of the time.

That said… If you’re desperate for an epub of one of my books, drop me an email. I do offer a select number of free copies in exchange for reviews.  🙂

Q:  Are you EVER going to finish the Draegan Lords series?

A:  The short answer is…yes! Long answer… It’s been a long strange trip the past several years. A LOT of personal stuff has come up (health and family related, but also a pending move), and of course the pandemic put the kibosh on what had actually been a fairly decent writing streak for me up until then. Writing since 2020 has pretty much felt like trying to cough up a dry hairball that just won’t dislodge. Horrible, I know, but sometimes writing is like that. The health (both physical and mental) of my family and myself has taken priority, and I have no regrets about that, nor will I apologize for it. So…will the Draegan Lords series ever be finished? Absolutely. Will it be finished soon? Unlikely. But at some point life will calm down, the pending move will be accomplished, and I’ll be able to focus properly on writing again.

Q:  How do you pronounce some of the words in the Draegan Lords series?

A: I actually wrote a blog post about this very thing and you can find it here: Draegan Lords Pronunciation Guide

Q: Are you ever going to write a sequel to Falling?

A: Yes! I’ve actually had one planned for years, and even have a first chapter written. So, once my Draegan Lords series is back on track, that may actually be the next set of books I work on. I do know Falling will have a new name–Strange Magic. And the last 1/3 of the book will be rewritten. Not just edited or revised, but rewritten from scratch because there were some things about it that always bothered me. So check back here on my website in a few months and I may have more information for you!

Q:  When you re-release your books, will there be paperbacks?

A:  Yes, that’s the plan. In fact, Hometown Heart just came out in paperback this month (October 2019). Familiar will be next, then the Draegan Lords books. Any of my books that are long enough will definitely go into paperback in the hopefully not-too-distant future. Some books that were originally combined into anthologies (like the first two Draegan Lords books, for example) will appear in paperback separately this time.

Q:  Are your books ever going to be available as audiobooks?

A:  I hope so!  Since I’ve never had a book in that format before, and I’m an indie author now and don’t have a publisher to handle it for me, I’ll have to do some research first on how to get it done and also see if it’s cost-effective for me. But, yes, I hope to break into that market down the road.

If you have any other questions you think should be here, drop me a note on my contact page!