Writing as Mare Rhodes

Long before I began writing m/m fiction, I wrote straight romance and straight erotic romance. Many of those books were published, some as M.L. Rhodes, others under a different name altogether. I now own the rights to all of those old stories, and eventually, somewhere down the road, I’m going to re-release a select few of them, plus publish some new straight material.

Do I have a timeline for when that might happen? No, not at all. I’m extremely busy right now writing new m/m romance and m/m fantasy books, not to mention reworking older titles so I can re-release them. But one of these days I’m going to get these m/f books out to the public. And when I do, I’ll be publishing them as Mare Rhodes. I’ve been writing as M.L. Rhodes for fifteen years, and that brand (as M.L.) has become synonymous with gay m/m fiction. I suspect many of my readers don’t know that I ever wrote anything else as M.L Rhodes. Therefore, as a business decision, when I release future straight romances I’ll be using Mare Rhodes. That way, if you see M.L. you’ll instantly know it’s gay or bi m/m. And if you see books by Mare, you’ll know they’re straight m/f.

With that said…here’s a list of my steamy straight romances with hot heroes and strong heroines. Again, some of these will be re-releases, others will be brand new…

Heart of the Tiger (working title)
Extended novel: 130,000 words
Romantic suspense

Take It On Faith
Extended novella: 40,000 words
Romantic suspense

Night Shadows
Extended novella: 40,000 words
Romantic suspense/vampire

Behind the Mask (working title)
Novel: 53,000 words
Contemporary romance

Point of No Return (working title)
Extended novel: 120,000 words
Romantic suspense