Notice all the missing Dark Magick chapters? :)

Hi gang! Okay, so I’m back to work at last, having finally (I think, I hope) turned the corner on the flu. I feel mostly human again, which is, frankly, damned nice considering I hadn’t felt that way since before Christmas.

Some of you may have noticed there are *ahem* a LOT of chapters of Dark Magick Rising missing from my blog. I ended up pulling down eleven chapters total. Eeek! Right now the last one you’ll be able to access is chapter 46. That doesn’t mean ALL of the chapters after 46 will be cut or drastically changed as I do revisions. I just decided it was better to err on the side of caution and pull too much rather than too little. That gives me the flexibility to tweak things as needed, even if a chapter is mostly going to stay in its current form.

I’m currently reading back through the last half of the book to get my head fully back into the game. And, wow, am I glad I decided to yank those last several chapters because they had gone off the rails even more painfully than I realized. Holy moly. Once I’ve finished reading up to where things went askewy, I’ll start writing again. My plan this week is to finish reading those older chapters and doing some minor revisions, then plow through at least one new chapter, maybe two. I did actually learn a lot from those chapters that went off on a tangent, and there are a few things from them that I’ll still be using. But they also gave me a better idea of how to get everything back in line, so I expect the writing to go fairly smoothly.

I’ll make a point of checking in next week and giving you a progress update! I also might re-post a few of the older chapters if I’m confident they won’t be changing again. Stay tuned… 🙂

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