Dark Magick Rising Coming Soon!

Hi everyone! I will begin posting chapters of Dark Magick Rising (Draegan Lords Book 5) on February 6th, 2019!

—For those of you who followed the serialized version of Hometown Hearts in December and January, this will work the same way. 

—These will be UNEDITED chapters, folks! You may very well come across some typos. I do my best to look everything over carefully, but I’m not perfect and there will likely be some boo-boos here and there. If you see something glaring you’d like to point out to me, I’m more than happy to hear from you! Just please drop me a POLITE note about it. 🙂 Also…there may be times I change or rewrite bits and pieces, sometimes I may even delete scenes (or chapters) and re-do them as I go along. That’s just kind of the nature of the beast when it comes to writing. So please understand this is very much a work in progress!

For those of you who have not read the first four books in the series (or who want to reread them), you can get them at Amazon. These are the second editions, which do have some updated and additional content in them from the original versions published years and years ago. For those of you who subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, you can always read the books for free through KU! 

Here are links to the first four books on Amazon!

True of Heart
Lords of Kellesborne
Fires of Ballian
An Unexpected Magick

On a final note, please remember that all written content on my website, including and ESPECIALLY any book chapters I post for you are copyrighted by me, M.L. Rhodes, and all rights are reserved. This means you may NOT post this story elsewhere, you may NOT use any part of it, and you absolutely MAY NOT pirate it. It’s already going to be free on my blog for the next few months. After that, it will be published and, yes, it will be sold for money. I’m a creator, this is a job, and I have to get paid for my time just like anyone else. So, please, read and enjoy this for free now, but don’t steal it and put it up on some other site. Not only is doing that illegal, it’s just plain crappy. Play nice so I can keep doing things like this for my readers! 🙂

See you on Wednesday, gang! And if you have any questions, leave me a comment below!

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Author M.L. Rhodes writes bestselling m/m romance and fantasy novels. She's also a geek, an introvert, a night owl, a potter, and a damn fine margarita maker.

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  1. So, the next book is up soon. Oh dear! Now I have to re-read the others… again… the suffering! the pain!… the panda eyes! but then, who needs sleep or be awake at work? 😉 I suppose I could always hide behind a pile of books – as if!
    Joking aside: yeehaa! I’m ready for this. *happy dance* Thank you for doing this.

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