A Hometown Holiday Surprise!

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Howdy, readers! Happy Holidays to those who have celebrations this month and Happy December to everyone! 

You might be wondering…what’s this I hear about a holiday surprise from M.L. Rhodes? Could this be a new book she’s promoting after alltheseyears?! Why, yes. Yes it is.  ๐Ÿ™‚ 

For the past year I’ve mainly been working on finishing my ginormous Draegan Lords books, Dark Magick Rising. But when I’ve needed to take a break from it, to work out some plot problems or just step back to get a little perspective, I’ve had a contemporary m/m story, Hometown Hearts, I’ve been scratching away at that I started last year before the holidays. After I’d managed my 50K words during NaNoWriMo on Dark Magick in 2017 I needed a break from it. I’d been watching a ton of Hallmark Christmas movies (as one does when they’re a sappy romantic :)) and decided I really wanted to write a romantic m/m holiday story. I also knew I wanted a gay hero and a bi hero. So, I started writingย Hometown Hearts, got maybe 15K words done last December, then put it on the back burner and returned to Dark Magick Rising.

This past summer I pulled out Hometown again to work on during my thinking breaks. Sometimes it’s nice when I’m up to my eyeballs in dense fantasy world building to write something completely different for a bit. It helps clear my head.

And so, here and there, I started adding more words to Hometown Hearts

I reaaaallllly wanted to get it finished so I could publish it before Christmas this year, and if it were the only thing I had been working on, I probably could have done it. But during NaNoWriMo 2018 I wanted to make progress on Dark Magic Rising as well since I’m getting very close to finishing it. So, I split the month in two and worked on Dark Magick the first half and Hometown Hearts the second. Which almost brought me to the end of Hometown Hearts…but not quite.ย 

Faced with the reality I probably wasn’t going to have time to finish it, get it edited, do any promo for it, and publish it before Christmas, I was kinda sad. Truth is, I love this story and these heroes so damn much and I hated the thought of sitting on this book until sometime in 2019. I very much wanted to share Jay and Hunter with readers during THIS holiday season.

And then I had an epiphany! What if….I released it on my blog, a chapter at a time, starting immediately? That way readers could meet Jay and Hunter now! The more I thought about it, the better I liked the idea!

Here’s how it’s going to work:

–Every day between now and New Year’s Day I’ll post a new chapter of the book.  My plan is to have the chapter up between midnight and 3 A.M. Mountain Standard Time each day.

–These will be UNEDITED chapters, folks. So you may very well see some typos. I do my best to look everything over carefully but I’m not perfect and there will likely be some boo-boos here and there. If you see something glaring you’d like to point out to me, I’m more than happy to hear from you! Just please drop me a POLITE note about it. ๐Ÿ™‚  

–I’m almost done with the book, so while I’m posting daily chapters for you, I’ll also be writing the end of the story. Between now and New Year’s Day you’ll have 15 chapters. That is not the entire book. It’s about 3/4 of the completed story. After New Year’s Day I reserve the right to decide how I want to handle the remaining chapters. I may continue to post chapters daily until you have the entire book, then, after a week or so, pull everything down off my blog and publish the book through Amazon. Or I may simply publish the book in its entirety sometime in early January (it will be finished and edited by then) and for the first week or two offer it in its pretty, polished, final form here on my website before I publish through Amazon.ย  I haven’t worked out the details yet, so bear with me. But rest assured I will make sure everyone who started reading the book on my blog will have a chance to finish it for free, whether here on the blog or with a free copy of the published work. I’ll post more info as I decide how to handle it. It’ll be up to you to check in and find out the details!ย 

So, without further ado…here’s the official cover reveal and blurb for the book! 

Hometown Hearts by M.L. Rhodes
Hunter Breckman and Jay Marshall became instant best friends when they were ten. But what if theyโ€™d always been destined for more? Time, distance, and personal struggles have kept them apart as adults. But maybe coming home to Colorado for the holidays is exactly the impetus two long-lost friends need to rekindle their relationship, heal their hurts, and discover the magic thatโ€™s always been there between them.

 I hope you’ll join me here on my blog to read a new chapter each day! This is a best friends to lovers story. There is a scene of dog rescue in the book that might be unsettling to some people, but I promise the dogs have a happy ending! 

On a final note, please remember that all written content on my website, including and ESPECIALLY the story I’m about to post for you is copyrighted by me, M.L. Rhodes, 2018, and all rights are reserved. This means you may NOT post this story elsewhere, you may NOT use any part of it, and you absolutely MAY NOT pirate it. I’m doing this for my readers as a gift. It’s already going to be free on my blog for the next few weeks. After that, it will be published and, yes, it will be sold for money. I’m a creator, this is a job, and I have to get paid for my time just like anyone else. So, please, read and enjoy this for free now, but don’t steal it and put it up on some other site. Not only is doing that illegal, it’s just downright crappy behavior. Play nice.

Click here to start reading Chapter 1!

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